Feldenkrais: “Character: The Significance of a Soft Chest!” with Victoria Worsley

Sunday 14th October 2018, 3-6pm at Sadler’s Wells 

What makes one character different to another?
Lets say it is in the different ways they respond to other people, events, the world.

Where do these differences lie?
Of course you can delve into the character’s back story, but responses are also physiological events and involve the habitual – and very individual – ways you carry tension, how you ’hold yourself together’, ‘collapse’ or adapt.

What can you do with that?
Its not easy to just adopt a bunch of different habits! For a start you need to know something about your own patterns to have a chance of even recognising that something else is different.
And of course the audience will have a feel for whether your character’s response is ‘true’ or whether anything about you doesn’t fit.  Can you create an overwhelmingly powerful response when your chest is habitually sunk? Can you respond with vulnerability with a chest like rock? Maybe you can (it could be interesting!) but it probably depends on whether you know what you are doing with your chest in the first place or whether what you do is simply ruled by compulsion.

Our habits around the chest are often deep and old. The rib cage houses the heart, lungs and all sorts of precious pipes and wires. We will use some deep, slow, detailed lessons from the Feldenkrais Method to begin to feel and open up possibilities in the ribs and spine and play some little games to see what that does and what new characters and responses we can find as a result.

“When you know what you do you can do what you want” Moshe Feldenkrais

Please provide your own yoga/exercise mat for extra comfort with floor work.  

Victoria Worsley was an actor, movement director and theatre maker for 20 years. She has worked with the Feldenkrais Method for over 30 years, qualifying as a Professional Practitioner in 2007. She taught Feldenkrais in drama schools for 9 years, teaches performers at The Actors Centre, Royal Ballet School and Royal Opera House and has a private practice which is attended by people from all walks of life – including professional actors, dancers, singers and musicians. Her book ‘Feldenkrais for Actors, How to Do Less And Discover More’ was published by Nick Hern Books, Nov 2016.  See www.feldenkraisworks.co.uk for more info. 

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If you would like a signed copy of Victoria’s book ‘Feldenkrais for Actors’  please do let me know. Workshop attendees can purchase via cash on the evening of the workshop for £11 (RRP £12.99).