Shapes In Motion’s Fitness & Wellness Club – Introductory Offer till end of July 2018 only!

Introducing Shapes in Motion’s Fitness and Wellness Membership Club. 

Open to All! We started this journey in August 2017 and we are heading towards the end of our first year. 

Throughout the year members have met up in occasional pop up venues/parks/gyms/centres…bringing us together for some fun and constructive fitness and wellness classes and events that have aimed to compliment the work we do in our workshop sessions and our professional work.

These sessions have included: Yoga, MMA, Pilates, Cycle, HIIT, Climbing, Dance, Spa days, Jazz, Aerial … held approx once per month. 

To soft launch our first year there was an introductory joining fee of £30 (non-refundable) for the first calendar year, with the promise of a minimum of 12 scheduled events per annum. We have had 13 events this first year. Costs have gone towards instructor fees, venue hire and basic admin costs, enabling you to take part in as many (pending space availability) or as little of these events as you wished at no extra cost. This was an introductory offer and will last till the end of July 2018  for new members only! Non ‘club’ members who wish to join a session may pay per event. 

Recent/Upcoming events:
15th March 10-11am at Pineapple, Jazz with Nicky Griffiths. Free for members. (£10 non-members)
22nd April 9.30-10.30am at Sadler’s Wells, Pilates with Sally Dunford. Free for members. (£10 non-members). 
20th May 2018 3-4.30pm at Aerial Land, Animal Climb & Aerial class with Vicky Wright. Free for members. (£10 non-members). 
3rd July 2018 from 10.30am at Chuan Body & Soul, Fitness & Wellness Day. 
29th July 2018  9.30-10.30am  at Sadler’s Wells, Gentle Morning Yoga with Sarah Perry. Free for members. (£10 non-members). 

More events to be announced soon. 

From August 2018 the yearly fee will be £60. For those wishing to renew their membership before the end of July 2018, this fee will be £45 and will expire the end of August 2019, with a promise of much more fun to come and with  hope to expand into more regular sessions & events. 

Email if you are interested in joining the club or any individual event or have any questions.