An Introduction to Choreological Studies; How Movement Works with Rosemary Brandt – rescheduled tbc

Reschedule tba at Sadler’s Wells

Exploring Rhythm

We will firstly look at our everyday spontaneous movement patterns to notice how movement works and in particular how energy functions. Examining this function through a choreological lens will reveal the perceptual property of functioning energy as rhythm. Creative and experimental tasks will provide opportunities for recognising the relationship between the physical and perceptual properties of movement rhythm, and for the performer/creator how noticing and controlling our deliberate rhythm choices creates expression.

This workshop will be particularly useful to those who need to find or teach specificity in movement whether it be through; Acting or Physical Performance, Motion Capture Performance, Puppetry, Devising, Choreography, Animation …

About Rosemary Brandt

Rosemary is a qualified practical choreologist. She acquired her skills through years of experience as a professional dancer and teacher of dance and through study for a Masters degree at the Laban Centre, London, in 1986. After lecturing at the Laban Centre for several years, where she developed her unique approach to choreology, Rosemary responded to invitations from other London-based institutions and dance centres abroad.

Since 1992 her work has made a distinct contribution to dance & movement education. Her work involved lecturing, teaching, and contributing to dance study programmes and choreology workshops for dance & movement professionals. While her initial and particular research has been directed towards classical dance, her work is not style-bound. As a leader in her particular field, Rosemary is highly regarded in Europe and has gained a considerable reputation internationally. In 2006 Rosemary returned to Trinity Laban as Undergraduate Programme Co-ordinator and is Senior lecturer in Choreological Studies. She leads the Specialist Diploma in Choreological Studies, a program which is concerned with the contemporary developments of this work.

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