Contact Improvisation with Lydia Baksh – 25th June 2023

Sunday 25th June 2023, 4.30-6pm at Sadler’s Wells.

Come and join us for a Contact Improvisation session. This will be an exploration of connection between our selves and another by means of movement and intuitive touch. Lydia will teach you valuable techniques to enable you to ‘tune into’ another… as well as the fundamentals of taking and bearing weight.

CI can be truly nourishing experience. As Human beings we have an innate (and necessary) urge to connect… It is deeply relaxing to the nervous system and facilitates the release of the essential ‘feel good’ bonding chemicals, which enable us to thrive!

Open to all levels. Beginners welcome


Contact to book your place.

About Lydia Baksh

Lydia’s background is in contemporary dance and physical theatre. She has been teaching Movement/ Movement Psychology to actors for two decades and leading Contact Improvisation workshops to the wider community for several years. Her approach focuses mainly on awakening ones’ Intuition and trusting ones’ innate impulse. This quality of ‘deep listening’, she believes, is the essential foundation for opening to connection with another… 

“The moment we become fully present to the beautiful co-creation that is unfolding between us, something truly magical happens… the lines blur, separation falls away and mind relinquishes control… just for a moment, we become one… one body- one impulse- one mind”.