Online Q&A with founder Sarah Perry 17th September 2023 – Free Event

Sunday 17th September 2023, 10-11am Online via Zoom.

A chance for present & prospective Shapes in Motion Troupe members to come together to chat, meet & ask questions

What insights do you need right now, what questions will be useful for you to ask? What industry advice can I share with you? Lets chat some of this through. We shall have an hour together for you to ask me what you wish (within reason of course).

Do you have a question for me about my work, the industry or Shapes in Motion? What are you curious about?  What is important for you to know more about right now? Is there a way I can support you or a question you have always wanted to ask me? 

I’m happy to delve into my creative work, my businesses, chat about Movement, Mocap, Performance, Movement Direction, Shapes in Motion … as long as we stay relatively on point, I’m up for it. 

I would also love to give you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about the Troupe and our ever growing Shapes in Motion Community. Our soon to be launched Troupe Membership will be opening very soon, so I’d love to share with you more about this and answer any questions you may have: are you a good fit? what is the criteria for joining, what are the benefits, what does it mean to be a Troupe member and why should you join?


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Email: if you have any questions.