Shapes in Motion have been moving professional movers since 2010 and have built up extremely strong industry connections with a multitude of creatives, movement practitioners, companies, facilitators and all sorts of movers & makers of movement over the years. In 2016 we formed the MoCap Troupe, a group of emerging MoCap performers, who are now killing it within the MoCap industry! Now in 2022 The Troupe are expanding covering further areas of Movement in Performance, nurturing emerging talent and supporting those with a mass of experience also. Welcome to The Shapes in Motion Troupe of Movers & Makers.

The Troupe are a combination of professional and agent represented actors, physical performers and creative practitioners who are highly experienced in an array of movement specialisms from Motion Capture to Dance, Physical Theatre to Parkour, Aerial to Puppetry, Combat to Mime, Creature Performance to Fitness and so much more …

We meet regularly to connect, network, move and train together in terms of fitness and continued professional development in all aspects of Movement & Performance and can be called upon for Theatre, TV, Film, Animation, VR, XR, Live Performance, Photographic and other creative projects.

The Troupe are coordinated by Movement Director & Creative Sarah Perry, who works closely with all members to support, develop and help sustain their relevant skills. Sarah also works closely with directors, agents & casting directors to recommend performers for specific projects and productions.

Our community of Movers & Makers is continually growing, so do get in touch if you would like to join or find out more.


If you are a Casting Director, Director, Producer, Production Company, Motion Capture Studio or Creative looking to cast/recruit an individual or a group of performers or require movement specialists who are perhaps use to working together, then we are the go-to Troupe for you.

We can recommend individuals to Directors & Casting Directors who we think may be a great fit for your project, we’ll pass on their details for you to get in touch with their Agents or them directly. Please note, Shapes in Motion is not an agency; we are here to support the individual and the industry.

Movement Director Sarah Perry can be booked as a movement coordinator on your project to work with the Troupe and other cast & creative members on and off set to organise any potential trainings necessary for the project and to rehearse, coach and workshop particular characters, creatures, moments, movement scenes or concepts.

Get in touch to find out more.

SPOTLIGHT ON… Zandile Darko

Welcome to Shapes in Motion’s Spotlight On… Our Troupe of regular Shapes in Motion: Movers & Makers range from Actors, Dancers, MoCap Performers, Movement Tutors, emerging Movement Directors & Choreographers, Directors, Makers of Movement and so much more.

We asked Zandile a few questions – this is what she had to say…

Tell us a little bit about yourself

I am a Theatre maker, performer, actress, mover, author…working across a range of genres. Actually, I have started to call myself storyteller which I think encompasses what I do and who I am pretty well.

What brought you to Movement and Performance & what does moving & performing mean to you?

A continuous search for freedom – this is how I would describe the start of my journey and how it is unfolding to this day.

What are you currently working on? 

I am currently working on the second edition of a little booklet, TIME TURTLE’S CALLING which accompanies my recent performance TIME TURTLE.

TIME TURTLE is a movement based piece which questions current ways of knowledge production and challenges our perception of time. It is very much informed by UNFOLD method, developed by dancer, choreographer and teacher Valentina Bordenave.  Inspired by workshops by Sarah Perry I had dedicated the past three years to animal research which led me to turtles (incredible creatures this and planet for more than 200 million years…).

Tell us a little bit about your experience with Shapes in Motion

Having joined my first Primate Intro workshop with Sarah in 2018 I was immediately incredibly inspired by Sarah’s way of connecting thorough movement research, anatomical understanding of the animals as well as a playful approach to the embodiment of the same. It was really Sarah who ignited my curiosity for animals and their stories. I was wondering how we can truly engage with animals, truly listen and learn through physical embodiment.

I also love the sense of community of the Troupe and the explorations together through workshops.

What’s your dream job? 

My dream would be to establish a community similar to Shapes in Motion in Germany to enable Movers and Makers to come together through physical encounters together, having the possibility to collaborate, train, practice and inspire each other. My aim is to set up my own venue in the countryside which has enough capacity to have artists in residence as well as studio space for workshops and production processes.

What has been one of your creative highlights? 

Certainly having the possibility to do a practice-led research degree which allowed me to dive deep into my research. Culminating in the production TIME TURTLE I was able to bring together my love and admiration for animals, theoretical interests and creating my own set of strategies of practice for movement and creative processes.

What has been one of your most creative challenges? 

Carving out time for the projects that are closest to my heart.

Anything else you’d love to share …

If you are in Germany, I’ll show some of my work 17.-19. November during an exhibition in Kunstsaal Lüneburg. I am very excited to share some video performances as well as present TIME TURTLE’S CALLING. Special guest will be H.K., a mask character I created in 2015 with Family Flöz.

How can we find out more about you and your work?


Instagram: zandile_darko


Agent: Actors Family Management

More about my practice-led research can be found here:

Becoming Turtle: Posthuman Strategies of Practice