Past Workshops

We have offered a wide variety of workshops, including:

• MoCap Casting Workshop with Jessica Jefferies & Sarah Perry
• An Introduction to MoCap Performance
• A Weekend of Movement with Russell Maliphant
• An Evening with Director of Movement Toby Sedgwick
• Workshops with Complicite
• Workshops with Gecko
• Mask & Half Mask workshops with Trestle
• Primate Performance 
• Movement Analysis & Character Performance for Animators
• Creating a Creature and Motion Capture Performance
• Creature Combat for Performance Capture
The Feldenkrais Method for Performers
• Viewpoints
• Movement for Actors
• Embodying text using Laban Movement Analysis
• Movement Fundamentals
• Character from the Feet Up
• Laban for Actors
• Neutral Mask 
• Stage & Screen Combat
• Bartenieff Fundamentals
• Movement, Voice & Text
• Alexander Technique
• Lecoq with Jammy Voo
• Dance, Yoga, Tai Chi, Aerial, Parkour, Stilts, Pilates, Climbing …