Who I am

Shapes In Motion is a training and mentoring organisation run by movement director and coach Sarah Perry. My website address is

Personal data

I collect your name and email address if you have ever booked a class, private session or workshop with me. I will also have collected your name, email address, telephone number, date of birth, occupation and general health status if you have filled in a disclaimer, booking form or health questionnaire. I have to keep disclaimer forms for 7 years for insurance purposes.

I only use this data for the purpose of contacting you with information about my classes and payment, and in the event of a medical emergency in a class or workshop.

Email hyperlinks and contact form

If you use an email hyperlink or a contact form on this website to send me the data of your choice, the data will be emailed to me and stored securely. I will not share it with any other person or organisation or use it for marketing purposes.

Mailing list

If you send me your email address using a mailing list subscription form on this website, it will be emailed to me and stored securely. I will then send occasional email newsletters to your email address. You can unsubscribe at any time using the link in any email newsletter or by emailing me at

How I store your data

Your data is stored on a password protected, secure server, with a separate mailing platform, who take all the appropriate steps to keep your data safe.


This website does not store cookies on your device.

Who I share your data with

I will never share your data with any other person or organisation.

How long I retain your data

I keep a permanent record of any data that you send to me by email using a contact form or an email hyperlink, so that if necessary I can refer to the data while providing a service to you. I keep disclaimer forms for 7 years for insurance purposes.

Contact details

If you have any privacy-related concerns relating to your use of this website then please contact me at